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Your auditory games sound really cool, Elf!


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 8:28 PM, The Elf <inthaneelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> hi Chris    ,
> smile, right up my alley, though it sounds like your better at it than I
> am.
> lets see, some of the apps I have worked on and/or have in my stock pile of
> "try to do's"
> I have the basic workings on a game I hope to put on the market for both
> blind and sighted players, have numerous sited games that I am hoping to
> manhandle into accessibility. backgammon, reversey, I think I have like 23
> sets of source code for games alone. I also  have the startings on a multi
> level character generator/manager for folks who play the pencil and paper
> role playing games, like dungeons and dragons, I have a simple dice roller
> for said games and am working on a more complex one, since my favorite
> roller was made for windows 98, and will undoubtedly stop working when I
> need to upgrade OS's again, and a name reverser for use in the same things
> (type in a word, hit enter and its replaced with the same word spelled in
> reverse, so vulgar becomes ragluv) and a little set of quick applications
> I'm working on for the guy who runs the game, to assist with testing or
> randomly generating things for a game, such as a random town, a monster
> against the group tester, a combat tracker (for me mainly but others could
> use it as well) and a Sci-Fi random World generator.
> I also have a   metric to us and us to metric and other measurements
> converter, a quick made interval timer, a random number generator that
> enjoyed a very brief liking with players of a particular online
> adventure/conquest game called black nova traders, that you gave it the
> number of sectors in the games universe, and it would give you a random
> place to go, and I was getting ready to cause it to log all the rolls and
> add notes when the game site closed due to lack of support.
> oh almost forgot a JPEG photo viewer with the ability to encode the graphic
> into a coded file and delete the original so one could have a private
> collection of electronic images that nosy folks would have a problem
> viewing, since they could only be unencrypted and viewed in the application
> itself.
> ok that about sums it up, smile, I have so many games due to my having once
> worked for a blind game developer who is still around, and finding that I
> loved designing the things, I probably have 20 to 30 more game designs
> and/or scenarios on a disk around here somewhere! I also was a beta tester
> for all in play in there early days, back when all they had was the poker
> game.
> basically, if I think I may be able to conquer it, I just work on anything
> I don't have, and either can't afford a already made version of, or can't
> find an accessible one of out there easily enough.
> the elf
> proprietor, The Grab Bag,
> for blind computer users and programmers
> Owner: Alacorn Computer Enterprises
> "own the might and majesty of a Alacorn!"
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>  Hello all,
>> Since I want to be a professional computer consultant as a job, I've now
>> decided to take programming as a hobby. I'd like your thoughts on what
>> programs you create during your spare time, and maybe you could give me
>> some
>> ideas on what I could do. I for now program in Visual, but am also
>> looking into the other .net languages and maybe Java.
>> All thoughts are very welcome.
>> Thanks.
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