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  • Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 01:29:58 -0700

if you can put it on send space I will download it and get it to wherever it 
needs to be along with putting it on my sight for future downloadability!

the elf
proprietor, The Grab Bag, 
for blind computer users and programmers
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      I have a copy of the materials that the individual is looking for...if 
someone could please let me know an efficient way to get this to those who want 
it, that would be greatly appreciated.
  I'm thinking SendSpace or something like a zipped format.
  I collect bits and pieces of things like this for this very reason and 
checked my collection...I have it.  "Creating a Game With DirectX 8"...and I 
don't even remember where I received it from.

  These are in .TXT format and include Chapters 1 through 22 as well as the 

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    Hi Jeff,

    No I do not. Most of it was old anyway. I use




    Jim Homme

    Usability Services




    "You can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it" -- Jim Homme 


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    It has but the content is not htere. I do not think that material is on any 
domain as of yet. Jim, do you have a coopy of that site still?

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      I think that domain is changed to .net.

      Demir Ajvazi!
      MSN: demir_zmaj@xxxxxxxxxxx
      SKYPE: demir-2007

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        From: Darko Pogačić 

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        Subject: Official Blind Programming Site



        I am interesting What's the home page for blind programming site now. 
I've tried:

        but many books and tutorials are not there more. I am interesting where 
I can find book about game programming with Direct X8 for Visual Basic 6, which 
was published on official blind programming web page.

        The best regards



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