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Hello Rick:

As far as accessible word processor, I like Jarte.  See it at
but I don't know about accessible and easy check writing software.


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Hi Guys:
I am starting to help out locally with some older folks who are low vision
and blind. I want to be able to teach them to use a screen reader, a simple
way to write letters, envelopes, pay bills and surf the net. Microsoft Word
would be overkill and a 70 year old, blind or low vision grandma might
scratch out my eyeballs before I could teach her to work in MS Word with all
it's dynamic and complex thingys. So, I thought you programmers might have
run across some good alternatives for me to look into. What about the new
cloud stuff? Any good and accessible Word Processors out there yet? What
about a Check Printing application? If you have done anything like this I
need some pointers. I can code my own applications but don't want to
ReInvent the wheel if someone else has already created something nice in
this arena. 
If you have any pointers to creating an application to handle these
functions for older folks I will look at the coding techniques as well in
case I decide to code up some custom application.
Thanks for suggestions:
Rick USA
I am looking for a Word Processor and Check Writer, prin

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