OT: Favor to a blind visitor to the US from Spain

  • From: "Humberto Rodriguez" <sub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 00:26:40 -0500

Hello all,

Begging your pardon for the off-topic subject, I want to ask your
assistance to try and help a blind girl from Spain who is visiting
Rochester N.Y. and being matched to her guide dog.  The situation is

The guide dog people are not allowed to sell American harnesses to
customers who come referred from Spain, they must use the ones
furnished by the Spanish National Blind Organization.  My friend likes
our harnesses better and would like to buy one, but is unable to do so
directly due to the aforementioned prohibition.  

I do not own a guide dog or know anything about it, but if any of you
know someone in Rochester who might help her, buying it for her, she'd
be paying for it, as well as being   very grateful to anyone who helps

Please write to me off list at sub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you know anyone
who might be able to help her.

Humberto Rodriguez
Fort White, Florida

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