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if Sina has the time, he could probably trace out several lines from past discussions as well, using "debugging" "problem" and "how do" as criteria, especially since he has records going all the way back to the yahoogroup period.

as soon as I get my "junk" together, I'm hoping I can get the programming, jawsscripts, and probably the windows list records all the way back and see about getting them organized with a local only search engine for folks to use. ah bloody, if I'm going to do two or three I might as well do all 4, especially since we all know that there have been numerous cross overs on items, and when I get my rear in gear and get me one of those 350 or 500 gig sites, the archives will be no trouble at all, I think Sina said they were like 8 to 10 gigs, thank goodness that posts are quite small in bit space.

anyway, hope this might be useful thoughts,
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What was the name of the thread going on here about various access problems we were hoping someone would solve? It was about a week ago that it started. Maybe that thread would help.

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Off the top of my head, how about...

Though population data representing all blind programmers is currently scant, there are 347 registered e-mail addresses in one of the many popular list serves for the blind, and a great majority of this single sample, if not all, are blind or visually impaired individuals "all gathered with the common interest in programming for the blind and sighted population of computer users." Their "nonexistence" in the consciousness of the computer sciences only serves to emphasize the need for accessible programming tools that can hasten their representation in the sciences and technology. You then go on lauding the life changing magic your research will accomplish--(smile)

In other words, because you know they are going to want to ask you about the number of blind programmers, beat them to it and explain how they are nonexistent due to XYZ factors--which will undoubtedly be exactly what you're researching. If you beat them to the obvious questions then they will not have much to follow-up with. Then of course explain how your research can dramatically change the future for blind programmers.

How about you append to your proposal a sample of the e-mail messages you gathered this past week in regards to the great and varied needs of the blind programmers who responded to your initial information request.

Nevertheless I do completely understand and sympathize with your predicament--having to justify the costs and utility of your research venture.

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Yaa, I agree with what everyone is saying, that even the number of
subscribers, addresses, etc, isn't that useful for judging the size of
the community, etc. That's all completely true. However, many of my
colleagues, for some truly insane reason or another which I can't for
the life of me understand, question the existence of blind computer
programmers in general. By far the most common argument I hear against
doing this kind of research is that the community is very small ... or
so I'm told by those that don't know any better ... But without any
data on the topic at all, it's pretty tough to argue.

Now, I can at least say, "Well, on a popular mailing list for blind
programmers, there are 347 registered email addresses."

Obviously, there are duplicates, some folks aren't active, and some
folks are sighted impostors (like me), but hey, it's better than

Thanks Jim for the number of addresses, that helps.

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