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thank you Sina, , I was hoping that some decent aid could be rendered to him, between you Jim and a few others, maybe we can get this goodmen something of what he needs!

. For Blind Programming assistance, Information, Useful Programs, and Links to Jamal Mazrui's Text tutorial packages and Applications, visit me at:
. to be able to view a simple programming project in several programming languages, visit the Fruit basket demo site at:

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This is getting ridiculous.

Here's the deal ... I have the past 50,000 posts to this list, all the way
bcak to yahoo groups.

I'll write a program to determine the unique number of senders, and send it

Truely, this community sometimes deserves receiving 0 to little help, if
this is how its members react when a researcher, and a rather heartfelt and
inteligent one at that, is trying to assist.

Andreas, contact me off list, and we'll run some metrics.

Take care,

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The biggest reason you won't find any stats on blind programers in the USA,
is because the government determent info on disability, sex, religion and
anything dealing with personal information. To be a evasion of privacy and
have stated such in the constitution. Just like this list, not all are
totally blind. Therefor not all on this list would use the tools others
would. Some only need magnification where others need screen readers and
some do better with braille.

At 05:14 PM 10/19/2007, you wrote:
Exactly, mathew, in order to make a case to a government funding agency
that our research lab should be given any funding at all, we need to be
able to demonstrate that working on programming tools for blind
computer programmers is something researchers should bother to do. The
team I work with thinks the problems blind programmers must,
inherently, face are pretty fascinating, but we have to convince the
rest of the community to deny funding from other projects and divert it
to ours. Funding is always a difficult case to make. Basic community
statistics would be helpful.

Since the major organizations, apparently world wide, don't seem to
keep any kind of statistics on blind computer programmers, as far as
they report to me at least, the best we can do is reference a popular
blind programmer mailing list.

If no stats are available for the list, or they cannot be revealed
without giving away information that is truly private, that's totally
reasonable, but it seems like a perfectly reasonable question to ask.

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