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Ah yes I recall you talking about this before now. Is there an implimentation yet that will allow a vb script application to use a dll file to do the trick? I noticed there is a wrapper for .net that''s a dll but is that what is needed to use SSIP from a vb script? I'll go ahead and download it and see if I can' figure anything out ----- Original Message ----- From: "Macarty, Jay {PBSG}" <Jay.Macarty@xxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Now available - SSIP for Windows 1.7 beta

Available at is the 1.7 beta
version of the SSIP for Windows server. This version changes the
characters used in line termination for responses from the server. The
SSIP specification calls for a CR and LF pair of characters instead of
simply an LF character. This goes for command strings sent to the server
and responses received from it.

This release also clears up a couple of issues with the monitor console
window size and validation of command line options.

NOTE: Due to the change in the line end character set, the .net
SSIPClient.dll wrapper has also been updated for this release. The java
client wrapper seems to be working but is still being tested.

For those who have asked about what SSIP is, the URL to the website
above provides, in addition to the download link, a brief description of
what the server does and contains links to the SSIP specification. The
website also now contains a section on release history to describe the
changes in each release.

NOTE: If you are working on any kind of client wrapper for the server,
do take note of the change in the line end characters. On the command
strings sent to the server, the ReadLine method call will properly
interpret either LF or CR LF but if you are not expecting both
characters on the response string, you could get some unpredictable

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