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Ah well if it is IAccessible2, then Jaws is probably going to have a whole host of problems. lol yeah it wasn't until Jaws 7 that FS discovered MSAA. In any case though, MSAA is the framework that every screen reader should be based on so making it fully, or as MSAA compliant as possible is the best road to be on. IAccessible2 is one of those things that is a good thing but it will depend on the screen reader companies themselves. It is not exactly something that Microsoft is supporting fully because they have implemented their own accessibility model with Vista called UI Automation. It is backwards compatible with MSAA but not sure they are too happy with IBM's IAccessible2 model. In the long run it sounds like a good thing for us though because it has the potential to create choice.

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John Greer wrote:
The problem you are going to have there is, Jaws 9 is still in beta and so not everyone is going to be running Jaws 9.
John, you're right, but I think JAWS 7.1 or JAWS 8 might end up being the minimum. We can fix our MSAA bugs, but we can't control the fact that older versions of JAWS (like version 6) don't use MSAA in all the ways we expect. We're not expecting JAWS to do anything more than use MSAA (and eventually perhaps IAccessible2) correctly.

- Aaron
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