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  • Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 17:53:37 +0200

You should take from that discussion not only that it doesn't work with Jaws 6, but that it has many features of TextPad missing. I compare it with TextPad, because it is the only text editor that does what I want, however, even TextPad has some issues regarding the character encoding.

Some features it would be nice to have are:
- To be able to run the current program with any predefined command line with the current file as a parameter, and also allow adding parameters to the program like TextPad does;

- To capture the STDOUT and STDERR in a new document window (or tab) and both in the same window, and if the result is a program error with a certain line specified, to provide a hotkey for jumping to that line number in the source code. TextPad does this, but at least with Jaws cursor I wasn't able to jump to that line.

- To provide a combo box for choosing the character encoding of the document and the end of line of the file in the "Save" dialog window.

- To provide a hotkey for defining more bookmarks, one for jumping to the previous bookmark, one for jumping to the next one, one for deleting all bookmarks and one for deleting the current line bookmark.

- to make it be more responsive and start faster. (Maybe coding it in C and not Python) I have a Core 2 duo processor at 3 GHZ and 2 GB of Ram and a 10000 RPM hard disk, but it took many seconds just for starting a text editor, maybe more than the time necessary to start Visual Studio 2005.

- To be able to make different settings for different file types. For example I have set Text Pad to encode the text using Latin Central European and Windows end of line, and the .pl, .pm, .pod, and .tt files to use UTF-8 encoding and Unix end of line, but many other settings can be made.

This should be taken from that discussion, and maybe there are many other missing features in Commodo.


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What am I supposed to take away from the discussion?

I read that it doesn't work with JAWS 6 (expected), but works pretty well with a current version of Window-Eyes. It would be good to find out how well it works with JAWS 9.

It would be good to start collecting lists of real bugs with up-to-date screen reader versions. Any volunteers?

- Aaron
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