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I would think it would work since VoiceOver is now part of the OS and I have not heard too many mainstream features not available. I would find a Mac programming list. Keep in mind, that in the Mac world, everything is controlled by Apple! I hear that they are now insisting that the tools that you use to create IPhone and IPad Apps must now use Apple Programming Tools to be accepted in their store. This would eliminate any cross platform solutions. Their recent support for assistive technology has been great! I hope they stick with this approach. I do not know if it goes all the way to the Developer Tools or scripting / configuration of VoiceOver. However, I may take a dip into the Apple pool soon. It is very tempting.

Don Marang

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Any word on using voice over on the mac in terms of programming
accessibility?  I am asking because I am thinking on switching.

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Does this program fully work with NVDA, or will I need JAWS or
Window-Eyes for this? I'm asking as I use NVDA full time and try not to rely
on the commercial offerings.

We are working on improving NVDA support for NetBeans right now, but fired
up NVDA in Visual Studio as we were doing some testing the other day.
Specifically, under VS 2008, we noticed that the menus made sound, but the
text editor didn't appear to be read by the screen reader with the default
settings. We are still using VS 2008 in our lab, so I'm not sure about the
newer 2010 version.

It works fine with JAWS though, again with either the default settings (or
the scripts),


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