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Have you got any of your inform7 code into the ifarchives yet?  At home I use a script that mirrors the archives and there's lots more inform7 code 
up in those archives by now.

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   Hi all,
   I am here a new member. May be some of you know me from other lists. For 
those who don't know me, I am Milos Przic from Serbia. As about programming, I 
am pritty new there. I am experienced in the interactive fiction programming 
language called Inform7. I tried some other scripting languages but I find the 
learning hard. Anyway I hope I will find here good resources to start learning.
   My first question is very easy. Is there a digest mode for this list? :)
   Thanks to all for all the future help I hope I will get here!
   Best regards!
          Miloš Pržic
msn: milos.przic@xxxxxxxxx
skype: Milosh-hs

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