New mailing list for blind programmers using Java

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 10:58:59 -0400

Thought this may be of interest,

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Hi Guys,

Following Jim Corbett's request to have a JAVA discussion list, I'll
happy to say that "program-java" is now available.

I have yet to do all the fine tuning, but if you wish to subscribe now,
please feel free.  Details below.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me direct at


Some important starter info:

- Users can subscribe to your list by sending email to
program-java-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
OR by logging into the Web interface

- To the post on the mailing list, simply send email to

** To leave the list, click on the immediately-following link:-
** [mailto:program-l-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?subject=unsubscribe]
** If this link doesn't work then send a message to:
** program-l-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
** and in the Subject line type
** unsubscribe
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