Re: New jaws 12 - they specifically mention support for VS.Net 2010

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 22:49:24 +0200

Another thing they specifically mention better support for is IE9, but let's 

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  Hi Jacob: Ya, check that puppy out! I tried WindowEyes 7.5 
  with 2010 Express. I found some things accessible but others not very 
accessible and some really bad. 
  The same things that were bad in the VS 2008 version were bad in the 2010 
version and there were additional problems not encountered in 2008. I did not 
get around to messing with wpf since I could not even get the error window to 
read anything except the error category headings - no error lines could be 
read. So, using any editors that use the error window, I think all of them, was 
  WindowEyes had the same problems with embedded controls in some DataGridViews 
that it had in 2008, the Forms and other designers did not seem to be very 
accessible if at all and generally I don't think it is ready for prime time. 
  I will dig into it another time if I decide to try and script it but it 
sounds like JAWS is  doing pretty well if they live up to their claims.
  Rick USA

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