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yes, you are right, but
that mean that you are doing the mapping.
If you let the tool do the mapping it will do a one on one mapping or something like it. Because it can not know automaticaly what you want to do in that domain model and how far is the domain model from the rational model.

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Not sure what you mean.
One of the main points of ORM tools is that your entity model does not
have to be a one to one mapping to the DB.


On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 6:22 AM, black ares
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the problem with all those tools is that very often the business layer don't
match the database layer one on one, and this is true also for web/window
Or, if you try to match them one on one you can end with an unmaintainable,
hard extendable code.
I used hibernate to generate my code after a database schema and I disliked
it totaly.

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Thanks Jacques, definitely something to look into. The advantage of tools that generate files once as aposed to a dynamic scenario is of course speed
since you compile the generated files.

Once you've learn't how to work this naked objects MVC you could easily
create an enhanced fruit basket I suppose, with some parent child
relationships. Have you looked at the CSLA.Net framework? There are
Codesmith templates that will auto generate all the DAL (data access layer) classes, and the purely business classes all for you in one go provided you have set up foreign key constraints in your data model, your SQL database. Now they claim also to create a sort of admin web or Silverlight GUI, but Ihaven't managed to do this with the templates at the time I looked at them.

On 12/2/2010 1:58 PM, Jacques Bosch wrote:

Hi all.

While investigating tools for really rapid application development
(RAD) I came across this most interesting framework called Naked
Objects MVC.
Rather than retyping what it does, here is the 3 line description from
the site:
"Naked Objects MVC combines the power of the naked objects pattern
with Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC 2 framework.
Now you can take a POCO domain object model and turn it into a
fully-functional web application in minutes, without writing a single
line of user interface code.
You can then customise the generic user interface by adding custom
style sheets, custom views and custom controllers, following standard
ASP.NET patterns."

The URL is

Since the UI is dynamically generated from the domain model (classes)
a blind developer could write an entire system, or a vast majority of
it in C# and not have to worry about creating a UI. I think this is
pretty powerful stuff, even for sighted developers. Note, it does not
generate a UI to static files, like some other tools do, it in stead
dynamically generates the UI at runtime. It therefore reeds to be
installed on the server hosting the MVC web application.
A developer license costs $399, but there is a fully functional
evaluation version that can be used as long as you want. Only when
taking it into production would you have to buy a license.

This technology has also been matured over quite a few years and has
been proven in production.
Although I have not yet used Naked Objects myself, the guy behind
Naked Objects, Richard Pawson, has been extremely helpful in answering
my questions.

Currently it does not support AJAX, but seems like they have plans to
completely AJAXify the dynamic UI in the next year to make it more
performant and snappy for internet based applications.

You can also checkout the forums:

It requires Visual Studio 2010 (or 2010 Express) and .Net framework 4.0.

Anyway, I just thought this would be of particular interest to this list.

Have fun.
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