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There's a free, open source Braille music transcription program written in Java called freedots.
Music XML works great, and it's supported by over 140 music applications.
The two major music scoring programs are Sibelius and Finale, and both of them supports Music XML. Sibelius could only import music XML, and it needed a plugin called Dolet to export, but not anymore. The latest Sibelius 7 just got a feature to export Music XML. Also the latest Sibelius got built-in accessibility features out of the box. It's little annoying because the new GUI is based on qt4, but I think it's pretty promising. It's far more accessible than any other application with QT4 GUI I've used.


On 7/5/2011 2:17 PM, John J. Boyer wrote:

You can get very good results by just typing music.xml in Google. has a lot of stuff, including the specification. Google
takes you right to it.


On Tue, Jul 05, 2011 at 01:00:02PM -0400, James Homme wrote:
Hi John,
The last time I attempted to check, Music XML wasn't completed, or whatever the 
term is for finalized. Do you know where to read the specification might be? I 
have heard that the two leading score creation programs are adopting Music XML 


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In answer to Jim Homme's question about music transcription, we will use
music.xml or something similar. The transcription will actually be done
by liblouisutdml, which is written in C so that it can be incorporated
into various applications. BrailleBlaster is the application I am
working on. You could say that liblouisutdml is a braille transcription
engine that could be put into different types of cars. BrailleBlaster is
the showcase car.


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