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I'd be happy to give you web space, if you want to put up your work somewhere.

It'd be cool to see another blind coder posting things.

Tyler Littlefield
email: tyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
My programs don't have bugs, they're called randomly added features.

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I agree about the cash ctoo. I was very fortunate to have a relative in college who was able to pass along his old software to me. I did start learning VB6...geesh, can't recall the name of the book I bought...but it came with VB6 CD in it with Student learning version. I played withthat for about 6-8 months, then realized I would like to make a compiled .EXE to share with a friend. Made a few calls to relatives and found out my nephew had it ad only had it for one course and never intended to use it again.
Now I write small programs for myself and a few friends on the blind list.
Eventually I'll get a game done and share with others for the pure joy of it.

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