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Well, I have asked him twice but with a lot of intelligent answers, but no helpful answer.

I couldn't find those hotkeys.


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Jamal just said he learned some of the things you didn't by looking at the
interface. You need to do what you preach.


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Well, I think I understand now.
I need to "learn" to use Commodo.

I never had a learning period for editors like Notepad, TextPad or editors
I've used in the past, and I don't like to need reading help files in order
just to be able to use an editor.

I think an editor should learn us how to use it by just simply looking at
its interface, and this means following the known standards.
Immediately after installing TextPad, I use to set it to follow Microsoft's
conventions. It would be helpful if Commodo would also allow such a thing.

The most accessible programs are not only those who can be accessed with a
certain version of a certain screen reader, but those who can be accessed
those who's native language is not english, without needing to spend time
for learning new interfaces, and so on, with other words, accessible as
as possible.

Thanks for the help files for Commodo. I hope I will find what I need in


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In case this helps those interested in learning Komodo, I've created a
documentation collection at

It includes all text files I found in the installed directory tree, and
all HTML files combined into a single structured text document.  That
is largely duplicative of a text version of the PDF user guide, but I
included both to make sure I got all possible documentation.  I'm pasting
the feedback.txt file below.

Anyone interested in learning Firefox will find a couple of tutorials in
the archive of miscellaneous software documentation at

A few files on open source development are in the miscellaneous
programming collection at

A reminder that the fruit basket example I did with Mozilla XulRunner is


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