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  • Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 14:58:18 -0500

Hi John -- I noticed the VS C++ compiler cl referenced in one of the 
makefiles for xpdf.
Perhaps all it will take is a tweak of the makefiles.
I'll see this week, unless you get to it first. I am busy on and off today 
celebrating Easter. Have a great day all!

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Yes, I would like to have a set of text-only files for compiling
liblouis and liblouisxml with MS Visual C++ Express instead of a special
build environment like MinGW-msys. I want it to work with the existing
source files. It might yhave a script to modify them as needed.


On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 06:54:02AM -0400, Jamal Mazrui wrote:
> Sorry, I meant to copy the whole list.  It seems there are some lists
> where Control+R does that (in Mozilla Thunderbird) and some lists where
> Control+Shift+R is required, which I'll try to make a point of doing
> more regularly.
> I don't think the accessibility of resulting apps is a given.  For
> example, wxWidgets is the most accessible GUI library on Windows for
> many programming languages that do not have built in support for
> creating forms.  I tried to create a fruit basket program with MinGW,
> including asking for help on this list.  I extensively searched for and
> tried to follow compilation tips I found on the web.  However, I was not
> able to get such a program to compile.  On the other hand, I was able to
> do so with instructions I found on compiling wxWidgets with Microsoft
> Visual C++ 2005 Express.
> I think a development approach should be considered, not alone, but as
> part of an ecosystem.  It is probably possible for someone sufficiently
> skilled with C++, MinGW, and wxWidgets to compile a program, but the
> current ecosystem did not give me enough support to do that.  Perhaps
> another GUI library like QT or GTK is easier to compile with MinGW and
> wxWidgets, but those GUIs tend not to be accessible.
> The IDEs for a language are also part of its ecosystem.  Visual Studio
> and Eclipse tend to be accessible (not VS2010 though!), whereas other
> IDEs often have substantial accessibility barriers.  All this
> information about a language or development approach is useful to blind
> programmers who might be considering it.
> Jamal
> On 4/3/2010 6:50 PM, qubit wrote:
> >why not copy the whole list?
> >Yes, I think it almost goes without saying that the apps produced by 
> >coding
> >in MSYS and MinGW will be accessible, since they will either be command
> >line
> >apps or simple windows GUI's.
> >However, to make use of the whole .NET framework and current and future
> >resources available in VS, it is lacking. It is simply a prototyping
> >environment.  I am considering this with John B.
> >--le
> >
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> >Subject: Re: MinGW and MSYS
> >
> >
> >With a development approach, I think there are often two accessibility
> >issues of interest:  how accessible it is for a blind programmer to
> >develop with that approach, and how accessible it is for a blind user of
> >the resulting program.  Are there tips to be shared so that programs
> >resulting from the MinGW approach are as accessible as possible?
> >
> >Jamal
> >
> >On 4/3/2010 2:59 PM, qubit wrote:
> >>MinGW is accessible. The only doc I read was a readme, not an online 
> >>intro
> >>which I didn't search for as I probably should have.  I will do that 
> >>later
> >>when I get back to it. I only downloaded the setup files.
> >>Sorry for bothering the list on this one.  It is a no brainer which
> >>unfortunately takes study of docs to make a no-brainer.
> >>--le
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
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> >>From: "Jamal Mazrui"<empower@xxxxxxxxx>
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> >>Cc: "qubit"<lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx>
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> >>Subject: Re: MinGW and MSYS
> >>
> >>
> >>Since that is a GNU-related project, as far as I know, it would be good
> >>to have especially good documentation on how to use it.  I think such
> >>documentation should include any accessibility tips that may be relevant
> >>either in the development environment or in building resulting
> >>applications that are as accessible as possible for end-users on various
> >>platforms.
> >>
> >>Jamal
> >>
> >>
> >>On 4/2/2010 7:10 PM, qubit wrote:
> >>>Greetings. A question:
> >>>I need to work on some software that requires MinGW to emulate linux on
> >>>my
> >>>windows box.
> >>>I honestly don't know why they distribute MinGW and MSYS separately 
> >>>since
> >>>they appear to be interdependent.  But I built MinGW first as I wasn't
> >>>sure
> >>>from the documentation which needed to come first.
> >>>Both builds went off with no problems, but there are paths that need to
> >>>be
> >>>reset -- but the problem is that MSYS seems to put the root directory 2
> >>>levels down from MinGW and put /MinGW in its PATH variable.
> >>>Anyway, to make a long story short, there are several ways I could
> >>>proceed,
> >>>all requiring altering files in either MinGW or MSYS.
> >>>Does anyone else use this environment? How do you do the build?
> >>>Slightly annoyed.  Oh well.
> >>>TIA for any suggestions.
> >>>--le
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