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What does it mean "grid layout"?

The W3C recommendation is to not use tables for layout, but I haven't seen any accessibility issue when doing this.

Jaws recognizes most of the times the label for a certain form field if those fields are placed into tables, but to be more sure, you can use the <label> html element for specifying the label for each field.

By contrast, using CSS for layout can create accessibility or better said usability issues for a Jaws user because the elements can be placed on the screen in another order than the order they are placed in the HTML source.


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Hello. I decided to get the latest web VS 2008 express edition and put it to use. When I open an existing project (VS 2003) it places items on forms into tables. From what I have been reading on accessibility we are supposed
to avoid doing this.

What is the appropriate workaround or method to switch back to grid layout
mode like in VS 2003?



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