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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 17:22:20 +0200

What's up? why does some of my replies appear twice??
Is it gmail smtp or freelist?
Or maybe it's JAWS reading it twice...
I only sent one reply for sure.

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Hi Gerry:

This is the second e-mail you sent.
I can't help here either, but hopefully someone else can <smile>

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Subject: Microsoft Online Services

Hello Folks:

   At the company where I work we use Microsoft Online Services. The
Microsoft Online Services Sign In program is, in my opinion, not real
accessible with Jaws. I was wondering if any one can give me some advice in
this area. If there were to be Jaws scripts for this program, that might
just be the ticket.

Have a nice day...

Gerry Aubertin
Phone: (519) 271-4840 Ext. 8807

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