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When you say most of it can be done what I want to do is insert some buttons
and sub forms with buttons.  That I think is not something so far that is
possible in Jaws yet.  I was able to put a sub form in but putting an add
orders part of the form with a list box and some edit boxes is not something
that seems do-able.


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I've used later versions of access with jaws and had only a few real
troubles, and yes, they were in the forms designer, unfortunately the
information I had and the book also, was on another computer that I don't
have access (excuse the punishment!) to anymore, and I doubt that the
material is still on it, *sigh*
sorry, but I will say that most of it can be done, ken, if you get something
going on this, please let me know what you wind up with, so I can (with
permission) put them up on the grab bag, ok?
take care, 

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The only hard core MS Access user I know who uses it with JAWS is Joe
Lazarro (Jamal can send you his contact information as I seem to have
misplaced it) who works for the Department of IT in the Massachusetts state
government.  Last time I talked to Joe, he said he still uses it with JAWS
3.51 as each JAWS release since works much less well with Access.  Joe is a
really smart and funny guy and a fun person to know.




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I am looking for any tutorial on how to use Form design view with jaws.  If
its possible at all in Access. 


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