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Jamal just told me that in Internet Explorer, Shift Enter opens a new tab, 
while in Firefox, Control Enter opens a new tab.


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Hi Laura,
Yes. I want to know before I hit Enter if it's going to open a new page in the 
same tab, or a new page in another tab, because I want to know whether I'm 
goint to press Alt Left Arrow to get back, or Control F4 to close the tab to 
get back. Usually, though, I try Alt Left, and if that doesn't' work, Control 


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do you mean you want to know before you follow that link? Jaws announces a new 
tab or a new browser window after you click on the link. Is that good enough?

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I know that popping open new browser windows is against accessibility 
guidelines, but I'm beginning to re-think my aversion to doing that, partly 
because I like the new way browsers open windows. I like tabs. I also like that 
when I return to the previous tab, I'm exactly where I left off reading. 
Recently, with more dynamic pages, it has become more and more unreliable to 
use the back button to get back to where I was. I'm even experimenting with 
opening links in a separate browser window on purpose. I'd still like to know, 
though, if a link is about to open in a separate window, even if it's for 
informational reasons. JAWS does a good job, though, of telling me that a new 
tab has opened.

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