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I always open new windows! That way if a silly sighted person comes onto my 
computer they have all they need already up and they don't click out of all my 
I love being able to work on 7 or 8 things at once and just alt tab through 
them all .
I always thought tabs were inaccessible because if say a website makes your 
browser stop, you have to close the whole window and not just the website...

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Subject: Maybe I'm Not Such An Old Dog


I know that popping open new browser windows is against accessibility 
guidelines, but I'm beginning to re-think my aversion to doing that, partly 
because I like the new way browsers open windows. I like tabs. I also like that 
when I return to the previous tab, I'm exactly where I left off reading. 
Recently, with more dynamic pages, it has become more and more unreliable to 
use the back button to get back to where I was. I'm even experimenting with 
opening links in a separate browser window on purpose. I'd still like to know, 
though, if a link is about to open in a separate window, even if it's for 
informational reasons. JAWS does a good job, though, of telling me that a new 
tab has opened. 


Jim Homme,

Usability Services,

Phone: 412-544-1810.


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