Re: Making braille display working with a particular application

  • From: Alex Hall <mehgcap@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 16:44:17 -0400

The package is called accessible_output and is part of the source code
of Qwitter ( It is in Python only, but I suspect
that it could be translated by someone who knows both Python and c++
(I do not know enough cpp) since it is basically just a lot of
convenience functions around connecting to the first available screen
reader on the user's computer and using the reader's api.

By the way, that untested dll you have is for System Access or System
Access To Go. You do not need to bundle jfwapi.dll in your
application, at least I do not think so, for it to work. Just use
win32 to find which reader is running (see for info on this, but this
is also in Python).

On 9/15/10, QuentinC <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Could you tell me what package are you using ? I'm interested in it.
> It would be fine if your package could be used by C/C++.
> I also have jaws 11.
> Right now, I have
> - JFWAPI.DLL with the 3 mentionned functions in my previous post
> - nvdaControllerClient32.dll, the same for NVDA. That one contains a
> BrailleMessage function, but is only for NVDA of course.
> - saapi32.dll which is for another screen reader, I don't know which
> exactly, has only 3 functions, not really tested.
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