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Entirely possible and in fact I do it on evenings and weekends when I
don't have to be in the office, and we have 1 programmer who works
fulltime from Nebraska and we are in Canada..
Basically, the set up is this:
- A VPN client which "tunnels" to the site.  This sets up a secure
connection.  The one we use here is Intel NetStructure VPN client.  This
VPN can either run over a dial up or preferably high-speed connection. .
- Then once VPN is running you can run IBM PCOM or many other 3270
emulators to give access to the mainframe.  You have access also to
company email and network drives.
- I use JFW scripts I wrote for dealing with 3270 form filling screens
such as ISPF etc.
note there are a couple of other alternatives to VPN for hitting the
mainframe which are not as accessible:
- give access via a Java applet which runs a 3270 emulator off a secure
web page.
- Citrix and all the accessibility baggage that has for screen readers.
Hope this helps.
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        I am a COBOL programmer and am interested in working from home
if my supervision allowed it. Therefore, I am needing to know the same
        Susie Stanzel
        programmer U.S.D.A


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        Hi Guys:
        Do you do any MainFrame Remote programming such as with IBM
COBOL etc?  Or, do you know of anyone who does?  I'm thinking of giving
it a try if it is doable.  I have significant background in IBM
MainFrame technologies and might just need to brush up on them to look
for some work in the field if accessibility is not too big of an issue.
        Contact me on or off list if you know anything that might help.
        Rick Farmington Mich. USA

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