Re: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website

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alrighty, its time for me to go look at a couple places, 

unless, Jeff? do you have any notion as to if ultrahost/anotech concepts is 
going to be able to match things like this?  if you tell me yes, alright, but I 
really, really need the space!  for my alacorn endeavors and expansions of them 

I'll leave agemtree with you since it don't need the space at this time, smile

I like working with ultrahost especally since jeff is willing to do a step by 
step with me when I'm groggy and doing stupids on the site and need to fix it.  

thanks all, 
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  When I signed up for two years back in June, the price was $6.95 per month 
and included the hosting of two domains for two years in the price.  The $5.95 
deal looks just like what I got but for 24 fewer dollars over the two year 
term.  There seems to be a lot of competition in the web hosting space these 
days and, if anything, I think prices will continue to drop.

  I will also add that Dreamhost has excellent email technical support that, in 
my experience, usually resolves any questions I have in less than three hours.  
The people who work there are friendly and very helpful.

  Sina turned me onto Dreamhost and he can certainly speak to its value 
proposition as he has done much more with it than I have.

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