Re: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 16:35:36 -0500

Hello everyone,

    Glad to know that there are other blind ColdFusion gurus out there
besides myself. Have you worked with CF8 yet; code named, (Scorpio?) My host
supports ColdFusion 7. Not sure if they're going to offer CF8 Hosting. It's
a great and easy language in witch to develop Web pages and other

    My biggest beef with ColdFusion hosts is that they tend to be very
stingy on disk space. If you can get 5GB of storage on a CF Host you're
doing great. Perhaps you know of other CF Hosts that offer larger amounts of
disk storage. If you do I'd like to know about them too. I looked at the, and the Web languages and did not see any
flavor of ColdFusion listed as an available language with their offerings.

    Peter Donahue

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Hey does this dreamhost provide support for coldfusion?  If so, how much is
it for it???  Or how hard is my SQL to learn comming from a cold fusion

Thanks, D!J!X!


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Subject: RE: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website

I would suggest MySQL as many web hosting businesses provide it for free.
It's open source and there is a lot of really good documentation and
examples for how to use it out there.

If you need a site to host this on, I recommend Dreamhost (it's what I use) which has a deal running now that gives you 500 gb
disk and 5 tb/month bandwidth, lots of cool goodies and a nice interface to
work with for only $5.95 per month.  Dreamhost provides a nice PHP based
interface to MySQL which makes it very easy to use.

My expertise lies in system software programming and auditory user interface
hacking.  I am and always have been a database dummy as I never found them
to be very interesting and I always had someone else around to handle such
requirements.  In the past few months, though, I have set up three separate
MySQL databases which all work very nicely and I still don't know a whole
lot more than I ever have about databases because the Dreamhost interface
stuff makes it so easy.  I'm told that a number of other web hosting
businesses provide similar features but I haven't tried any so cannot speak
to their qualities.


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Subject: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website


     I am about to receive over 11,000 pdf files that I want to put up on a
website. These are images that when printed on capsule paper will produce
tactile images. The idea is that a teacher or parent could look through the
list, select a file and then place an order to have it printed. It has been
suggested to me that I use a database for this sort of operation. I do have
an Excel spreadsheet with descriptive information about each file. I am
looking for suggestions regarding what database would be good to use. Thank


Robert Jaquiss

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