Re: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 22:16:03 +0300

The best way is to store the files on the hard disk of the computer, and if you 
will need to upload new files, or delete some of them, store a path to the 
files in a database like MySQL or SQLite. If you don't need to upload new 
files, or modify the list of files in any way, you can use a simple text file 
for storing those file names. (I gave the second suggestion, because if you are 
asking about a database, I think you might find easier to work with text files).


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       I am about to receive over 11,000 pdf files that I want to put up on a 
website. These are images that when printed on capsule paper will produce 
tactile images. The idea is that a teacher or parent could look through the 
list, select a file and then place an order to have it printed. It has been 
suggested to me that I use a database for this sort of operation. I do have an 
Excel spreadsheet with descriptive information about each file. I am looking 
for suggestions regarding what database would be good to use. Thank you.


  Robert Jaquiss

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