Re: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website

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Hello Bryan and listers,

    They were listed in the list of available languages for their account.

Peter Donahue

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does dreamhost include cgi/perl/php?

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  I would suggest MySQL as many web hosting businesses provide it for free.
It's open source and there is a lot of really good documentation and
examples for how to use it out there.

  If you need a site to host this on, I recommend Dreamhost (it's what I
use) which has a deal running now that gives you
500 gb disk and 5 tb/month bandwidth, lots of cool goodies and a nice
interface to work with for only $5.95 per month.  Dreamhost provides a nice
PHP based interface to MySQL which makes it very easy to use.

  My expertise lies in system software programming and auditory user
interface hacking.  I am and always have been a database dummy as I never
found them to be very interesting and I always had someone else around to
handle such requirements.  In the past few months, though, I have set up
three separate MySQL databases which all work very nicely and I still don't
know a whole lot more than I ever have about databases because the Dreamhost
interface stuff makes it so easy.  I'm told that a number of other web
hosting businesses provide similar features but I haven't tried any so
cannot speak to their qualities.

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  Subject: Looking for suggestions for a database to use with a website


       I am about to receive over 11,000 pdf files that I want to put up on
a website. These are images that when printed on capsule paper will produce
tactile images. The idea is that a teacher or parent could look through the
list, select a file and then place an order to have it printed. It has been
suggested to me that I use a database for this sort of operation. I do have
an Excel spreadsheet with descriptive information about each file. I am
looking for suggestions regarding what database would be good to use. Thank


  Robert Jaquiss

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