Re: Jaws version needed for Windows 7

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  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 20:53:15 -0400

thanks to those who replied to my message.  I now have the new computer and am 
beginning the process of getting used to a new version of Windows and a 
slightly different keyboard.

I am seriously looking at alternatives to my present screen reader, but feel 
that I don't need to rush things.  I have a laptop onto which I can install 
other screen readers (one at a time) to try them out.

All the best.


Ian D. Nichols,
Toronto, Canada

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  Mislabeled  subjects aside, I hope you consider  some of  the other 
discussion that took place  before you invest further in  Freedom Scientific 
for what is an increasingly disfunctional product. I recognize people like to 
stick with what they're used to sometimes  though.

  On 09/15/2010 12:03 AM, Ian D. Nichols wrote: 
    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your replies to my original query on this subject.  My fears 
were confirmed.  I'm getting the new computer tomorrow, and I'll have to use a 
40-minute demo version of JAWS 11 or 12 until I sort out the upgrading of my 

    I note that quite a lot of discussion on other subjects has occurred under 
my original subject line.

    All the best.


    Ian D. Nichols,
    Toronto, Canada

      On 2010-09-12, at 10:08 PM, Ken Perry wrote:

      I think 10 is the first but I iwll warn you you won't like it if you 
don't get the newest. 


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      Subject: Jaws version needed for Windows 7

      Hi Listers,

      I must replace my 5 year old computer, and the new one will have Windows 
version 7.  What is the first version of JAWS that will support Windows 7?  I 
am licenced for JAWS 9, but not later.

      I have spent quite a while today searching the JAWS website for this 
information, but without success.  It must be there somewhere, but I somehow 
missed it.

      Any information would be very much appreciated.



      Ian D. Nichols,

      toronto, Canada

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