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it is ilegal if you distribute it with your program, but if your program find it on the computer already, saying by a jaws installation prior to your application, I don't see where is the ilegality.

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some time ago, I found a file named jfw appii
which could be used to interact directly with jaws.
For direct speak how ever, I use direct access to eci.dll and make my
application independent of jaws.
I have a description of the interface of eci.dll.

I have it too, but this is not the question. Users of my program should keep their screen reader active, and if you use ECI direct, jaws can speak in the same time as ECI which can be problematic. Somebody told me that using ECI direct outside of strictly jaws is illegal...

You can also install saytools alongside your application and use its
com interface. Jamal Mazrui created it, and he is on this list.

It seems interesting, but question : I only need to copy saytools.dll in the path of my application ? Or I have to copy all folder, or worse, manually install on the targetted computer ? Because I don't want to add a couple of MB of files just for that, my application is ~200K only at the moment and is not in python. Note that there isn't any C/C++ example ! But I don't think it would be a big problem if I really wanted to use it.

Sappy also connects to a couple screen readers, including JAWS and
NVDA, from either C++ or Java. It is open source on source forge:

It seems interesting. My application is not in java so I will probably not be able to use that this time, anyway I have many other java applications which connect to JFWAPI.DLL with JNA and it is often buggy I don't know why. So, that project could interest me for some of my applications I already have. However, I didn't find where I have to go for download, the download file list seems to be empty. Note : I find that The name of this project is a bit stupid, because it can make a confusion with SAPI, speech API from microsoft... I had to read 3 or 4 times to understand well that it was different.

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