RE: Jaws 12 works with Google Chrome

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Hi Katheryn,
I'm using JAWS 12 with Firefox 4 just fine. Which build of JAWS 12, and which 
version number of Firefox 4 are you using?



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Now since you guys say that the same scripts used for firefox are those used in 
Chrome, then why doesn't the latest 4.0 version of firefox work with JAWS?

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That's right. You need a development build to test the latest accessibility 
features. See here:

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JAWS 12 certainly does not work with the stable 11.0.696.71 version of Chrome.  
Is there a specific dev version or nightly build I should try?  Where can I get 

Don Marang
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On 5/29/2011 9:37 AM, Stefan Moisei wrote:
Yeah, I noticed the same thing.
However, at least for me, not all things work correctly yet.
First, some larger edit boxes don't work. You can type in them, but jaws 
doesn't read anything. I think this was documented in the chrome accessibility 
wiki article.
Second, jaws doesn't read flash objects at all.
Third, sometimes larger pages are not loaded into the virtual buffer and I have 
to load the same address again. Refresh doesn't work, I have to press alt+d and 
Finally, some pages are not updated in the virtual buffer. After I click a 
link, the page doesn't change for jaws, even though the title does.
Those happen with google chrome 13.0.772.0 dev-m and jaws 12.0.1158.
Despite these problems, I'm also very excited about chrome's accessibility 
improvement and hope it will soon be fully accessible.
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Sorry for the cross posting, but as this fundamentally affects, or at least 
can, how most of us interact with the web, I thought I'd

I fired up the latest Google chrome, as I do from time to time, to play around 
with it, and I noticed that jaws 12 started reading
me the page. First I thought, oh cute, the virtual cursor recognition finally 
got smart enough to recognize the chrome window as
non-static text, but then I said, hmm, that's reading awfully well, so I hit h 
and navigated by header, and I went to different
URLs, and they all read correctly.

Further investigation shows that jaws is aliasing chrome to Firefox. The 
Firefox scripts, in fact, are what is loaded if you do an

So, apparently no longer is NVDA the only windows screen reader that supports 

Good to see, I thought.

Btw, I checked, and sure enough, the line:


appears in the default confignames.ini shipping with jaws.

Would have been nice to know ... just a thought.

Take care,

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