JavaScript or Asp, Set Focus to Table or Heading or Label Or something?

  • From: "Richard Thomas" <rthomas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 17:32:00 -0400

Hi Guys:
I have  set focus to controls in a WebPage using JavaScript, Asp Focus and a 
Recursive function through a nested control.  All these set focus to TextBoxes, 
TreeViewNodes or other input items.  I would like to set focus to a point just 
prior to some of these controls so the Screen reader will read the control's 
text with the first down arrow instead of having to back up and read the text.  
Is there a way to define a field or somethingg that will not read as anything 
but act as an input field so I can set focus to it?
I tried a anchor tag but no go. 
Thanks for any ideas:
Rick Farmington Mich. USA

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