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You are right john,
developing "quick" also at least often means "developing for the moment", on the long run this gain in productivity is over passed by the mentenance heavy duty.

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One reason we chose Java for BrailleBlaster is SWT. It really works as a
cross-platform GUI builder. Once you get into a complex project the
advantages of being able to develop something quickly in Python are much


On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 03:22:52PM +0300, black ares wrote:
In fact it isn't a matter of preference.
Best trained profesionals in this area choose the platform and technology
best tailored to the project needs.
So If I have a project that I can do better and quick in python than I will
choose that langgage.
If options are better in java I will choose it.
Depends very much on the project requirements.

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>I personally find arguments about programming languages much analogous
>to those seen in politics.  Both sides have great points but tend to
>drive one another towards opposite extremes.  Some camps are die hard
>dynamic language practitioners while others stick to strongly typed
>I will say that strongly typed languages have kind of won the battle
>historically.  Most of the industry writes in C-styled languages like
>C/C++, java, etc.  Lisp, still beloved by many, kind of lost.  Python,
>as many have shown, works wonderfully and frees up coders to actually
>code, is still largely a wrapper on C.  For those who want absolute
>performance, it's considered still an extra level of indirection
>that's not worth the productivity gain.
>I love python and its free-form style and the amount of progress you
>can make using it.  Python excels at the rinse and repeat (compile,
>run, fix) style of coding.  The few seconds you need to compile a
>C-styled language and run, you're already fixing the bug in python.
>You're not babied into writing object-oriented code ala java, but can
>independently mix in functional aspects if you wish.  You can just as
>easily go OO if you want as well.
>On 6/17/11, Alex Hall <mehgcap@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Programming is certainly a matter of preference in most situations. I
>>would probably give up if the only option were php, since I really
>>hate that language (no offense to anyone). Java is easy enough, but I
>>agree that it feels bulky at times. I like Python's ease of use and
>>readability, plus you can create executables with it, something that
>>is difficult in java. Some people don't like that python is loosely
>>typed, but I prefer saying:
>>name=raw_input("Enter your name: ")
>>to, if memory serves:
>>name=new String();
>>in=new InputReader();
>>or something along those lines.
>>On 6/17/11, Littlefield, Tyler <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>I've used both. I really like python because it comes on most *nix
>>>systems. I also like Python because of it's flexability and >>>versatility.
>>>Java is nice enough, but it feels big bulky and clunky to me. That and
>>>they seem to have some serious naming convention issues. Sometimes
>>>things are capitalized, sometimes they're makes more sense.
>>>On 6/17/2011 6:49 PM, John J. Boyer wrote:
>>>>There has been a lot of discussion on the list lately about Python. >>>>Why >>>>is that?Personally i much prefer Java. Its syntx makes a lot more >>>>sense
>>>>and it is just as powerful, if not more. A command-line build system
>>>>like ant can take most of the hassle out of working with Java >>>>classes.
>>>>personally, I prefer this to Eclipse.
>>>>BrailleBlaster is written in Java. I am using openjdk-1.6, Eclipse >>>>SWT
>>>>and Apache Ant.
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