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Dear Dr. Stefik,

If there is a way you can get the GUI builder to describe in coordinates where elements are located on the form, that would be greatly appreciated. I have not used the GUI builder recently, but tried it in Sodbeans 1.5 with no luck. That is when I took your advice about writing the code out in the Sodbeans Java text editor. I have tried the Swing tutorial that is part of The Java Tutorials, and actually I think that does the worst job out of all the resources I have looked at when it comes to explaining how to code Swing components. The problem is that the tutorial throws in code without clearly explaining it from a beginning graphics programmer's perspective. My course textbook, Intro to Java Comprehensive, takes a slower approach; it has a chapter on laying out GUI components, then another on how to add event handlers to make the Swing components work. Introduction to Programming Using Java by David J. Eck at does a good job of describing Swing, but the author writes it in a way that it is a little much to digest at once. For example, rather than demonstrating standard Swing components from the start, he explains how you can draw shapes to a JPanel. However, from reading the former book Intro to Java Comprehensive, I could understand Prof. Eck's book better.

Finally, to see GUI output after my application is complete, I run the latest version of Java Access Bridge which I believe is 2.0.2. It works with JAWS, but not NVDA. I am hoping that a later version of NVDA has better support for the latest Java Access Bridge in the future.


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Neat. I didn't know anyone was doing Swing stuff with Sodbeans. Just
out of curiosity, how is that going? Have you run into any problems?
Anything you think we should do to improve the way it works with swing
to make it more accessible or easier to use?

Just curious,

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