Re: JFW keymap like orca keymap?

  • From: Daniel Dalton <d.dalton@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 21:45:14 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

Ok, now I understand that you find that way easier because you are using Braille.

Well yes I guess, but I'm not the faster reader around... And I do use basic speech...
I guess I can scan lines quicker than speech though.

Well, I don't even know braille, and although it is very easy to learn, it is pretty hard to feel those raised dots, so I don't feel that I have good reasons for learning it.

Well yes and no... You get use to it after a while.
If you can I would recommend learning it...
I tought myself computer braille in uk, us and then UEB and I was tought Australian braille... (now replaced with ueb) I learnt the grade 2 stuff...

I made a mistake twice because I named lynx a screen reader, but I have used

No worries.

lynx for the first time in 1995 or 1996.... I don't remember exactly.
Now I use it but with Jaws, in a SecureCRT SSH console, and I don't like it

Well that's using jaws... Not a native linux screenreader.

at all, because there are very many things I can't do with it, but unfortunately it is the only choice for using a browser in an SSH console.

Well there is elinks, links2, links, lynx and w3m... (Just to name a few)
Oh and I believe you can some how set up x11 and then you could use firefox, but dunno how jfw would handle that.

lynx or links is not a big difference, so for me they are both the same.

Well I believe lynx is a lot more accessible...

It seems that you are not suggesting a certain screen reader or browser, but

Well sure, use lynx and if you can brltty or speakup...
They are the main ones...

also suggest using another operating system.

I would recommend linux over windows personally.

Well, I am using Linux, because I am creating programs that run under Linux in production, however, for using the computer as a desktop, Linux is much less developed than Windows. Linux is great in standards, and theoretical ways of doing things, but unfortunately at the final it is much easier to use Windows, because the file system can be accessed easier with Windows Explorer, there are far better

Use gnome then... I haven't had a problem with the console and file browsing though. Actually I find it easier... I can list certain files for example or delete all files with a certain extention.

screen readers for Windows than for Linux, the screen readers support for

I think brltty is better than JAWs, but not sure about speakup.
And yes I know orca has a fair way to go, but it works almost as well as jaws with most things accept for web...
It has one way better thing though.
It actually uses a scripting language which is not made up by the devs. It uses python unlike jaws which invented their own. I personally think that was quite stupid to invent their own language... Not sure why they did, had to write documentation, compilers, etc... And there may hve already been libs around if they did the scripting in python...
I know python is open source though so that may have been a problem...

browsers is much better, even if you don't care about those extra features

The windows browsers are better?
Well as I said with braille its fine, but if a sighted person used linux they would have the same experience, they would just use firefox.
I hope to improve firefox accessibility with orca though.

offered by them.
I also don't need nor like some of the features offered by the Windows screen readers, but they might be important for some users, and I can choose to turn them off if I don't like them.

There is a lot of stuff in linux ones too...
For example, my braille display driver (brltty) supports almost every displayed ever made, good documentation, cut and paste, alert tunes, basic speech, lots of different codes, lots of navigation features etc.

I can't choose to change very easy an OS, even it would have the best screen reading software, because most of the users and the business partners use Windows, and there will be compatibility issues for sure.

Not really...
Linux can handle word and stuff, all I had problems with was ms access and ms power point (I think should work), but I just dropped the access stuff...

Daniel Dalton
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