Re: JFW keymap like orca keymap?

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When you can't go any mor, or hit Home and End.


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Oh, but this is even worse.
If I need to use the left and right arrows to get in and out the text
how do I know when I reached at the end or start of the field?

I might keep pressing right arrow to reach at the end of the field, but the

cursor might be out of that field for a long time...


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> On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
>> Well, I don't think I like that way, because I use to read some pages
>> with the up and down arrow keys, and if I reach a text field, I don't
>> like to need using a tab key to move out of it.
> You shouldn't have to. To put focus in the form field use the arrows
> and right) + insert or the tab key... I think it will let you type if you

> are arrowed over the box and let you use the arrows to get out...
> I'll admit that I don't use orca much perhaps 5% of the time and the rest

> of the time with lynx and brltty.
> Since I'm using brltty with no keyboard map just my display keymaps I
> thought orca keymaps would be best...
> With lynx though if you arrow a form field it will let you type. You just

> arrow off it to keep going down... Well actually you use the reading keys

> of your screenreader (In my set up the keys on my braille display) to
> the page...
> Dunno if orca does this though. I'll test later... Anyone know?
>> And by the way, if the focus is on the text field and I hit tab, where
>> the focus put? I hope not on the next link or form field... because I
>> want to
> Uh...? Well whatever the tab key is mapped to in your browser... Just use

> the arrows...
> In lynx (the command line browser) I don't believe tab does much.
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