RE: Is there a program that will help you create Sapi5 voices?

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 18:55:42 -0400

The Eloquence that comes with JAWS and the ViaVoice that comes with Kurzweil
do not use SAPI 4 or 5.  The Eloquence that comes with Window-Eyes is SAPI
4, and I have heard that there never was an Eloquence for SAPI 5.  I had no
trouble getting Window-Eyes to select and use Espeak from its list of SAPI
synthesizers.  So you may have been running into a limitation of JAWS or of
the way SAPI synthesizers are enumerated.  And the Control Panel Speech.cpl
applet can set a default SAPI 5 synthesizer, which I think affects Narrator
as well as other programs.

Lloyd Rasmussen, Kensington, Maryland
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> Does anyone know what interface is used by Eloquence?
> It is not SAPI 4 nor 5, and it works better than a SAPI voice.
> The problem with the SAPI voices is that at a certain moment only a single
> SAPI5 voice can be active, and in order to change the voice we need to go
> into Control Panel/Speech, and changing the active voice there doesn't
> always work.
> For example, I've tried to use ESpeak sinthesizer, and I couldn't make it
> active but only by deleting all others voices from the Registry.
> And this was a problem also because Narrator doesn't work without those MS
> made voices.
> Does anyone know some books or tutorials for working with these things
> under Windows? But of course, not MSDN, because it refers only to ways of
> creating sinthesizers which are not used by any good company that creates
> sinthesizers. Information about creating sinthesizers that work under
> Symbian are also welcome.

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