RE: Is there a program that will help you create Sapi5 voices?

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Well don't believe that you can only have one voice active just because that
is the only way it has been implemented in Narrirator and in the control
panel.  I have had multiple active with no problems.  Espeak has its
problems because well its a free speech program and while I think its great
someone is working on one they obviously don't have all the skill behind the
As to your question to Eloquence it uses its own proprietary interface like
RealSpeak.  They both have a SAPI 5 interface but when ever you can use a
speech engines proprietary interface you will have more control over the
speech.  For example SAPI 5 really has no true control over the voices
pitch.  You can set it dynamically but if you want to set and leave it one
way you can't really do that.  while Realspeak, Cepstral, Neospeak,
Lequendo, AT&T, and Eloquence do have ways to set the pitch.
I don't know of any books on just speech unless your talking more theory
maybe they are out there I just haven't looked.  There are rappers out there
to make using SAPI easier if you search but it really depends on what you
want to do and what your willing to pay.  


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Does anyone know what interface is used by Eloquence?
It is not SAPI 4 nor 5, and it works better than a SAPI voice.
The problem with the SAPI voices is that at a certain moment only a single
SAPI5 voice can be active, and in order to change the voice we need to go
into Control Panel/Speech, and changing the active voice there doesn't
always work.
For example, I've tried to use ESpeak sinthesizer, and I couldn't make it
active but only by deleting all others voices from the Registry.
And this was a problem also because Narrator doesn't work without those MS
made voices.
Does anyone know some books or tutorials for working with these things under
Windows? But of course, not MSDN, because it refers only to ways of creating
sinthesizers which are not used by any good company that creates
sinthesizers. Information about creating sinthesizers that work under
Symbian are also welcome.

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as an extra idea, you may want to go back to 

SAPI 4, and research both at MS, and on the web, (added note, if you don't
get it on Google, try web crawler, more than once, if I couldn't find it on
Google, I found it with a web crawler search)


there seems to have been more available for 

SAPI 4 and it's agents, which might give you clues on how to approach it in 

SAPI 5.  


just a thought for you folks, 


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it is not so easy even you want to make a concatenated voice not a formant
I am trying now to understand how to make a voice for the language from my
I search for documentation, but it seems that this is a taboo subject
because I didn't find nothing how to code speach.

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Subject: Is there a program that will help you create Sapi5 voices?

Well I was wondering, 

Is there a program that will help you create Sapi5 voices?

Like something that you speak a number of letters into a microphone then it
gets an understanding of your voice and creates a sapi5 engine out of it?

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