Interim updates to EdSharp and FileDir

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ProgrammingBlind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 05:25:45 -0500 (EST)

Before releasing the next official versions of EdSharp and FileDir, I am
hoping for some more feedback from 64-bit users of JAWS and Window-Eyes.
I do not have a 64-bit Windows machine to test with myself at present, but
initial user reports are encouraging after I made a few changes.  It turns
out that the .NET Framework is paying off here, since it fairly cleanly
hides differences in the Windows/processor version.  In the meantime, I
thought folks on this list might be interested in
learning of some interim updates that have not yet been described in the

EdSharp now remembers the character encoding, including
code page, that was used to open a file, and saves any revisions to the
file with the same encoding.  If an encoding other than the system default
(usually Western European code page) is to be used when opening files,
this can be set in a new configuration setting called YieldEncoding.  The
command by the same name, Alt+Shift+Y, now offers a list of all available
encodings with the Other button -- typically over 100 of them.  Similarly,
the Other button in the Export Format dialog, Alt+Shift+E, offers such a
list for saving a file to disk.

Bugs have been fixed in the Navigate Part commands, Alt+PageDown and
Alt+PageUp.  These keys move according to the regular expression in
the NavigatePart configuration setting.  Each compiler, picked with
Control+Shift+F5, has a default regular expression for navigating to the
next class or function in source code.  A new command called Go to Part,
Alt+Shift+G, presents a list of all such matches in the current file, and
lets you go to a line you pick.

A new help mode has been introduced called Key Describer.  This toggle,
Control+F1, turns on or off a mode in which subsequent key presses are

The Open Other Format command, Control+Shift+O, can now open a .brf
(braille format) file and convert it to plain text, e.g., those available
via BookShare or NLS.  This uses the NFBTrans back translator published by
the National Federation of the Blind.

FileDir has a new command for restarting Windows (after a confirmation),
Alt+Shift+F4.  Shift+Enter is a new command to open an archive, e.g., a
.chm file, outside of FileDir with the default program associated with the

I welcome feedback, which helps me improve the usefulness and reliability
of these and other features.  When reporting a problem, please be as
specific as possible about how it occurred, including steps to reproduce
it, if possible.  As usual, you can update an existing installation with
the Elevate Version command, F11, or retrieve the installer manually at

for EdSharp, or

for FileDir.


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