RE: Installing cygwin, or, way to program recursive directory traversel?

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The VM approach should work.
But to install Cygwin you don't need to install additional packages.
If you just click Next without any changes when on the packages screen
cygwin will install the base system which includes find and other standard
Linux/UNIX tools.

I always install OpenSSH and Nano as well.
To do this the best solution is just to type in the page name in the search
I type openssh.
From this point on you'll need to use the jaws cursor.
So rout jaws to pc and move the jaws cursor down.
Now when using the package search all other categories are filtered out and
only the relevant categories are displayed.
If you search for openssh only the net category is shown.
Move the jaws cursor to Net and press left mouse button (numpad slash).
The category is expanded.
Move the jaws cursor to the line saying something like this:
Skip .. .. OpenSSH ...
Move the jaws cursor to Skip and press left mouse button to cycle through
the available versions.
Clicking left mouse button once will give you the latest version available.
Read the line and it should say something like this:
5.5p1 .. ... OpenSSH

Switch back to the pc cursor to proceed with the installation.
If you want additional packages repeat the steps above.

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Hi, here's my problem that I'd like to solve.

I have a directory, full of zipped, mod files. The problem is, that they're 
in a directory tree like this.
1994, 1994/a, 1994/b, 1994/c, etc. I want to be able to have a directory 
walk through the zip files, unzipping and overwriting existing files as I go

along. My firsst thought was to use the unix find command, something like.
find . -name "*.zip" -execdir unzip -o {} -delete. This would, in theory, 
unzip each file found at it's current location, then delete the zip file on 
success. Thus, i decide, let's install cygwin. however, I get stuck as soon 
as i go to select packages, in that, I can't see any way of scrolling the 
list of packages. Nothing. not even trying different screen readers helped, 
and, I haven't got a mouse with a wheel handy, else I could have scrolled 
just fine. So, any work arounds, or, alternatively, hints as to how to 
program this traversal in any of python, perl, even autoit?

ps. I do have a linux vm, and have a share with the directory mounted, but 
I'm a bit weary of using a (virtual) linux system to modify files on the 
real system. would this work?


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