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  • From: "Octavian Rasnita" <orasnita@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 10:24:46 +0200

From: "Ken Perry" <whistler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Um I don't think we said we can do anything special one way or another

Well, when using braces, I can jump directly to the matching brace, or param, 
or bracket, no matter if the matching brace is in the same line or more lines 
below or above, and this with TextPad which is something I can't change, even 
though I have tried very many other editors, and I explained why in a thread a 
long time ago.
I don't like to use an editor for each programming language, because each one 
has its own hotkeys for doing something, and it is more confusing so less 

> you're the one calling a big difference into it.  For example I find braces
> less accessible depending on who writes them for example and people who
> write pearl code seem to be the worst at this if you don't count gawk
> coders.  Here is my example
> If ((bla>bla) && 9(blab la)){
> Bla blab la bla}  
> Now this is not the worst case I have seen where the ending has like 4
> braces and you have no idea which lines are closed by what and you have to
> listen to the whole line to know that there is a  opening brace and not just
> a single statement. 

In perl there can't be just a single statement, because the if () should be 
followed by a block of braces, no matter if that block contains just one 
statement or more, so you will know that after an if there should appear a 
brace. If I want to jump at the end of the block, I hit the end key, then press 
the TextPad hotkey for jumping to the matching brace, and the cursor will be 
placed there without needing to move the cursor up or down and without needing 
to listen to bings and bangs.

I have also seen that in the newer versions of Jaws, instead of announcing 
percentages in some dialogs I use to hear a kind of beeps which is very 
annoying. I prefer to set Jaws to use just a single voice type for absolutely 
any kind of text read for messages, PC cursor, Jaws cursor, with the same pitch 
and no defined sound scheme of beeps and bangs, and I also prefer to hear as 
few messages as possible.

> I can also quickly arrow down through 2 lines of code and if it goes bing
> bing bing 20 times I know I am still in the same for loop.  I didn't have to
> listen to long lines of code to know this.

If you use to arrow down, the ending } is usually placed alone in a line, so if 
you haven't found it when arrowing down, you'll know that that block is not 
But hearing bing bings for 20 times... I don't think it is something too 


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