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and there's another one gone

do you understand yet Jeff?

this list was the one to develop the jaws scripts for, it has been the 
source of many good ideas, loads of fun (a commodity missing on the other list) 
and loads of hard times but a few of us have been out here for years, and 
didn't wish this on any of us, I spent time on programming-l, found it cold in 
attitude, cold in assistance, and narrowly focused and if you were outside 
there idea of proper programming, then guess what, you were ... I'll try to 
keep it clean for a short while here... so I'll just say  "out of luck"

here we had kept things more open, allowed jokes, included html as a 
programming language, and a lot of stuff not done on other lists and by other 
groups of programmers, and guess what Sena was out here a half a year longer 
than me, and ken may have been out here before either of us
8 years, 8.5 years and probably 10 years knowing ken, and we all don't mean 

I only wish I hadn't said no to James Homme when he offered the list to me, I 
felt I was/am to hot tempered to "run" a list for the main part, but it would 
have been better that. 

ah well, was a good 8 years we had

Sena ken and I fought our rear ends off to keep the list fairly sane and 
functional when we had no admin, and managed it!

and now look what is happening 
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  Ok, how can I unsubscribe from this list?
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    Sounds like it could get complicated.


    Some suggestions:


    I hope this will happen without requiring folks to unsubscribe/subscribe 
between lists, as that is an excellent way of A. losing members, and B. simply 
frustrating folks who have mail rules setup, only check the lists periodically, 
etc. etc.


    I would also recommend a minimum of one month's time before this move is 
made at all, so as to allow folks who are on digest to have a fair opportunity 
to get this news.


    I'd post this news on the webpage of the list as well, and go ahead and 
start redirecting new subscribers to the program list so that you can have an 
effective cut off point.


    Take care,





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    Hello Everyone,

    A great suggestion was made by Jamal Mazrui and after consultation with 
George Bell and others we will be moving the ProgrammingBlind list into 
Program-L, thus only having one programming list for the blind.


    This will take place in the next couple of weeks and I will keep everyone 
up-to-date on what steps will be taking place after consulting with FreeLists 


    If you have any questions please let me know.


    A very sincere thanks goes out to Jamal and George Bell, you guys are the 


    Jeff Bishop


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