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Use a switch/case statement.
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if (direction == "north")
std::cout << "You go north." << std::endl;
else if (direction =="south")
std::cout << "You go south." << std::endl;

On 2/9/2011 3:07 PM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote: 
Now I've decided that I'll learn to do things both without goto, and with it. 
Because then I'll maybe discover that goto is bad:) 
I got one last code question today. 
I need so that my program can do more than one action. for example of writing a 
text adventure you want many. 
I've managed to put an if statement in my code. for example 
if direction=="south"; 
cout<<"you go south."; 
Now if I want to go north, how can I do that? 
I tried if else, but it only says "expected primary expression before else 
Can you help me with this please? 


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