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If it's of any value, Those charts are known as hierarchical input
process output charts.  I find excel useful to write them at least when
doing anything with Windows.  When doing anything with Braille decks of
3x5 cards or 4x6 cards can be useful with each card getting its own
unique label and its contents and representing one box on the chart.
The 4x6 cards are best used if sighted people need to work any of the
material since you can use a typewriter and type what's in Braille on
the other sides of the cards.  After H.I.P.O. chart is done, then it's
time to do interface specifications one on its own separate sheet of
paper.  Those have Function Name: Function Description: Function Uses:
and Function Returns: entries on all of them.  Function Description:
entry is your acid test for each specification.  If you can't describe
what the specific function does in one simple sentence then your
function is too long and needs to be broken into smaller functions.
Once you get all interface specifications done, copy them and keep the
originals separate.  The copy of the specifications you just made is
where the pseudo code for each function ought to go below its
corresponding interface specification.  When writing mistakes are made
or revisions happen to the pseudo code, is it because a function has to
change?  If yes, then copy your interface specifications again and
revise the interface specifications and put a unique version number on
the new interface specifications then copy those specifications again
and move all of the good pseudo code onto the copy of the new interface
specifications before doing any revision of the pseudo code.  Probably
making a revision note in a revisions file separate from this normal
flow of paper work before doing revision preparation and revising pseudo
code will be helpful too.  Once all of this work is done, it's walk
through time with another programmer or manager for your latest revision
if any revisions were necessary.  Be prepared to explain the need for
revisions if asked, then proceed if given a clearance to turn pseudo
code into programming code and find out what happens.

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Why not learn from I.B.M.?  They've been doing it for a little while
now.  Their approach is first to write the user manual before doing
anything else.  Then build everything from that user manual after that.
When the program does everything in the user manual it's a release.  Any
additional requests are maintenance work and maintenance releases.  By
the way, I.B.M. has the customer write their own user manual.

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Back in my day we wrote input then process then outputs. We then
the code modules by starting with the outputs, then what we had for
and finally the processing necessary to get from the inputs to the
Rick USA
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I know that when we think of IPO charts, we're supposed to write output,

processing, then input.
However, whenever I write pseudo code, I write input, processing, then 
output. Is this okay to do?
I'm still a toddler when it comes to programming.

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