Re: I feel like giving up on programming altogether!

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lol Ken -- if programmers are sadistic they are also masochistic -- in 
either case, pain is involved...  But as you say, it can also be rewarding. 
Besides seeing it work and being a hero, I always find it fun just 
understanding how something works.
Am I grasping at straws???
We're going to scare everybody away from programming.  We need some quips --  
how about "bugs are beautiful" -- nah, doesn't work...
Oh well.  If you get stuck on an assignment,  I am also happy to answer a 
question or 2 -- feel free to fire me an email: lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx
Happy hacking.

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Well I am not going to say it will be easy.  In fact getting the program
working is one of the best joys you will find.  You do have to learn to find
fighting with code fun.  I am of the opinion that all coders are somewhat
sadistic.  I remember spending 3 days on a bug that turned out not to be a
bug I was compiling the wrong code and fixing another set of it and never

One thing you have to do is start out with something easy.  If Visual studio
is being a beast then download Mingw and go do some simple c++ or c to start
out with.  Start out with simple menu driven programs at the command line
like a math program that lets you add a few numbers.  I know some colleges
are trying to teach coding by making people drop pictures on a grid and add
some if statements in Visual basic but that is not coding and blind folks
can't do it that way.  The good thing is once you break through the first
few compiled programs no matter how simple you will start understanding how
the compiler talks to you.  After that it is still  work but work that is as
much joy as a pain in the butt.

So again my suggestion is go install mingw after you get that installed try
making a simple hello world and getting that compiled from there go out and
read any of the simple c++ or C tutorials and go through each step no matter
how simple it is.  The reason is you are not just learning the language but
you are learning what the compiler errors  mean.  If you get something that
is only 10 lines of code and gives you an error outside of the code it's
easy to read line for line and compare to see what is different.  If you get
that same error in a big program and believe me you will get one that gives
you a number outside the code you will not be able to understand what is
wrong.  Understanding your compiler is key.

Remember this is just as hard as learning a foreign language the computer is
the stupid American who only speaks one language and you are the master of
the universe.  Make it heal and if it don't heal make it think it is doing
what it wants.

As many have already said never give up but do get up and go out and do
something when you have hit an error you can't figure out.  Never just sit
there and stare at the screen if you're stuck.  Go out and play some guitar,
dig a hole in the yard,  Make a end table.,  take the girl friend/ wife to
.... a show ... or something.   Then come back and you will find that some
of the coding knots in your brain untie themselves.  We all go through it.
I have been coding since 1986 and there are still days I want to take the
computer and throw it out the window.  But those days are made up by the
days when I get an email from a user who thinks I walk on water.  What they
don't know is I can but it has to be really frozen.

Anyway if you need help getting through the original stages of pain there
are people on this list that don't mind giving out their phone number to
walk you through your first errors.  Tyler is only partly write we didn't
kill him because we knew what it was like not because we had any restraint
at all.  In fact part of ranting back and forth on this list is getting away
from the code and fuming a while.  Anyway if the chips are down and your
code has you by the balls write this list or write me personally and I will
give you my phone number to call and we can get it working.


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Hi all,

All I get when using visual studio are nothing but errors! I just want to be
able to write a program and have it work! Just once! But no. All I get are
errors! So what's the use in even trying? Encouragement needed badly!

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