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It depends on what your programming background is and how much time you have to devote to the task. For a raw beginner I don't recommend starting with Visual Studio. For someone with some background in programming in any language I would recommend starting with, the Express Module, to get your feet wet on navigating the IDE some. That will keep the noise of non features limited while you learn to use the Code Editor, the Error Window and how to build and run an application. It will also let you learn to use WindowEyes or JZAWS with Vthe Visual Studio IDE, set up the IDE to work best with a screen reader and some other basics. Anyway, that is a thought and then there are step by step tutorials floating around to accomplish all that include downloading and installing They are, unfortunately, for 2008 and not 2010 which makes a huge diference in accessibility technicals. Anyway, good luck.

Rick USA
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Can anybody offer a brief step-by-step scenario for a totally blind person to learn to work in the Visual Studio environment?
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