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Hi: Well I am not a CSharp programmer but the general technique would be to 
either use  a command to pick off a particular number like 2 or 5  or something 
or to look in a certain position for a number or letter. I think the vb 
substring command might be the one you yould use and there should be something 
in CSharp for finding and extracting substrings in CSharp. That is the key word 
here, substring since the number is considered a substring of the original 
number. If the number is nnumeric then you first convert it  using one of the 
convert options like CSTR or another method to converet it to a string, then 
you can use the string handling commands to find the individual number. 
Rick USA
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    In C# is there a way to reference a single digit out of a x number?


    For example:

    IfI have a number 281, and I only want to reference the number 2, how can I 
do this 


    Thank you for any help.

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