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then I'll ask you, was there an "accessibility" option that you needed to turn 
on in one of the menu's? I herd something about this, saved the post, and its 
sitting on that *%%@&#^ hard drive that all have probably herd about too many 

can you clarify that for me, I'm trying to assemble a short eclipse helpful 
hints sheet and would love to know if I am remembering correctly.  

that and if you have time and any notes that you think I should add to my 
sheet, pass them along and I will gladly put them in it.  

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  I use Eclipse with JAWS 8.0 almost daily as a part of my job as a senior java 
specialist. It does take a little getting used to as far as getting around in 
the screens but is quite accessible. I am currently using version 3.2.1 of 

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    Please does anyone know of any program that is well compatible with jaws 
that I can use to write java programs? I tried a program called Eclipse but 
it's too graphical for Jaws. 
    Yours sincerely,
    Bournemouth, UK

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