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It sounds like this is a standard printed layout graphic designer who doesn't know much about the principles of web design - as in, you can't force any web browser to keep the proportions exactly as you want them since it would be quite happy to do something like show one word per line if the browser window was not maximised, and had been made narrow, etc.

While you can specify pixel/percentage widths for both images and tables, divs, etc., and while those of the images may be sort of enforced, in that they might run off the visual area of the browser window, or images trying to automatically resize for percentage widths - not at the best display quality, the browsers will sort of automatically try to make all the text fit in visually etc., so there are limits to what you can really do in terms of layout control in this sense, and while I suppose lots of guys nowadays do run higher resolutions, I would still actually target something like 1024x768 FWIW.

Anyway, what comes down to is that both/either this graphic designer and your client need to understand webpage layout principles a bit as such - get them to go to something like google, or one of the major news sites, and then resize their browser windows to very narrow...<smile>

This is an old issue have had with some graphic/print designers in past when was still sighted as well, and if they couldn't provide style sheeting, I at least made them give me the exact colour numbers - as in RGB values for each colour they wanted to be used, as well as things like font names - you also need to generally stick to those that all people browsing are likely to have, or else their machines will just default to something like times new roman, etc. etc.

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I have a little problem.
I am developing a website for a client. The client wanted to save money and
he said he would provide his own graphic designer in order for me to give
him a lower rate.
I agreed to this and now I am in an interesting situation because of course
the designer does not know CSS.
His graphic designer drew up a very nice psd file in Photoshop.
My wife tried to tell me the colors and the layout for me to program the
css, php, and xhtml files.
The client looked at the first draft and said:
"The proportions are all off and the colors are not what we want."
He told me to look at the Photoshop file to get all the details.
When we looked at the photo shop file, it shows a 1440 by 900 pixel lay out. I am trying to program the site to be fluid with percentages for the height,
left, height, and width settings.
Last night, when we laid it out.  We were going from 10% to 130%.  I
observed to my wife that I thought the video screen was to high but she said
it looked fine even though the last part had to be scrolled down to see.
It seemed to work good on multiple displays from my regular flat screen
monitor, my wife's laptop
and the iphone. But then the graphic designer blew it out of the water and
said it was all wrong.
Now we are trying to set the exact pixels with percentages with mixed
For example, if the logo starts on the 201 pixel down and 201 pixel to the
right of the left margin, the percentage would be calculated by going:
Pixel divided by 16.
But, if this guy drew a 1440 pixel layout, does that mean he won't be happy
unless the designed is fixed at that exact height and width??
Does anybody convert pixel sizes to percentages?
I thought it would be straight forward to lay out exactly what he wants.
But, I am not sure if this will work with a fluid design. And I am not sure
a 1440 pixel wide design is the best web design.
1. Anybody have any general comments on my problem?
2. Will proportions be correct in a fluid layout?
3. Anybody know if 1440 pixel fixed designs are of any good?
4. Anybody know somebody who is very good at css , Drupal,
and could help me finish this tomorrow?  My cell phone is 202-320-4868.

Thank you.
H.R. Soltani

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